AC Brotherhood

im trying to mod my cash on AC brotherhood i took the ACBROTHERHOODSAVEGAME1A and put it on my desktop and opened it with the tools and then i put my cash to 50,000 and clicked saved and it says “unable to find offset”.

can anyone help? i use party buffalo to extract my files from my USB

and i use Modio to edit AC brotherhood, Ive tried the hex editor approach but it didn’t do anything to my game and i did hit save, I’m only using modio because Horizon doesn’t have a Assassins creed brotherhood save editor yet

Been trying to do this my self lately, modio’s tool does not work (says it can’t find the offset) and hex editing seems to just corrupt the file. will let you know if i can get it working.

here is a working tool

Awesome! will this work with the newest patch or do i have to get rid of the patch first?

should work with the newest but make a backup in case because i do not own the game so i can’t tell you for sure

just tried it and it gave an error :anguished:

upload your save somewhere for me :wink:

and tell me how many florins you have and i can mod it manually

k, will do. it will be a few mins >.<

okay well if i don’t repost it back within 5 mins of you posting it, i had to leave to go somewhere but i should be back around 3-3:30ish EST and it’s currently 1:05 as i am posting this

ok, i will be here all day :smile: and here is the save it has 357 florins on it :smile:
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im not really interested anymore its pretty easy to get Florins when you progress farther in the game

should have 50,000 florins :wink:


Awesome :smile:

Thank you for your help but sad to say that it did not work. think i am just going to have to move the dlc and clear the updates on a new game to be able to mod them at all

HYou can only mod the ammount of money you currently have and cannot add another didget

Example: I have 5555 Florins. You can only change the 5’s and cannot add extra points so it cannot be 55556/ but it can be 9999.

Do you get what I am saying?

i have modded my florins in ac brotherhood with modio, too. but i had no error. everything was fine