Access Denied

I am trying to add Minecraft maps to my sons xbox360. Everytime I try to inject the file it tells me access denied. I have seen other posts and followed all the advice but still no fix. I have deleted my antivirus, saved the file to desktop first, ran Horizon as administrator, unblocked file…etc. Please help.=\

That points to a permissions error. You could try moving the folder to a different directory.
And what version of horizon are you running?

I just downloaded Horizon today so I’m assuming it’s the most current version. I did get it working. For those people that are having the same problem. I created a new user in windows 7 with a password and administrator permissions. When I logged on under the new user I was able to inject the files using horizon with no problem.

Yep, was going to tell you to try logging in as admin. Giving the program admin control doesn’t always work 100%. Glad to hear you got it working.

My other account was admin too but for some reason just wasn’t working. I already wasted several hours trying to fix it. Much easier to just make a new one. Thanks for your feedback.

Glad you got it sorted! If you have more questions in the future we’re here to help.