Accidently Formatted Hard Drive

While trying to use the transfer cable, I accidentally formatted my hard drive, wiping all my saves and games on it. Is there possibly a way to restore it?

ya but not sure how.

I think u needed a back up copy first

Well, once it’s gone, it’s gone, easy as that. However, if you backed it up, that would be a different story. Do you remember if you made a backup? If you did you could just easily inject your profiles, games, and DLCs.

…No, I never made a backup unfortunately. So everything’s gone completely?


I believe there is a way if he can restore the index to the files.
Highly doubt it though

I think there’s programs that can restore some data but I’m not 100% sure.

Could this potentially work? Unformat After an Accidental Hard Drive Format

Shouldn’t there be a prompt for permission if your going to format a drive? derp.

Unless you have a backup NO. this thread needs to be closed.

Lupo you do know that its still stored in the memory right? It just deletes the index, so the HDD doesn’t know where to look and thinks its gone.
You can get it back, It happened to me with my photos, but his memory is different from mine.

I don’t know exactly how it works, but my sister once formatted our SD card, and we were able to get them back. Not sure if it’s the same for the Xbox 360 file system though…

This is what Im trying to say.
I know it basically deletes the index, to the photo, making the HDD think its not there.

That’s what I am trying to say, The xbox File system is different it is FAT32. Not NTFS and BTW Restoring Files with software will only work up to about 24 hours from deletion after that the chances get slimmer.

And I never Claimed I was correct So You don’t need to call me out specifically and Flame. No one is better than anyone.

Not true at all, its not time based.
Data isn’t permanently deleted until another file needs to occupy that space on the disc.

Is there any way to get this index back? If there is absolutely no way to restore, please close thread.

Eatons explorer does. I’m like 99% sure, Eaton Works

…Yeah…I was all like “This MUST be the option to transfer data!”…and then…:cry:

Check the link I posted. It’s not free, but a nice save.
Check this link Testimonials | FATXplorer
And read some info about how it saved people.