Account Editor?

What exactly can I do with the account editor tool?

It’s like a gamertag mod. Just type in the new GT you want and it’ll make a .bak profile for you, I think. Maybe it was a different tool that made it, but I noticed it after I used this tool. It’s also useful for removing passwords on accounts that have passwords.

Not really.

i have no idea

Edit stuff in your Account file. You shouldn’t really touch anything apart from recovering and password.

It’s for use on a dev kit, which you probably don’t have. I don’t really think anything can be done with it.

I know, I edited my OP after I took another look at the picture, and it can be used to mod your gamertag.

is this not the most self explanatory thing in the ****ing world?

Explain to me what an XUID is then…?
Don’t be a ****.

No, it’s not.

if you do mess around dont change service to partner net that is for dev kits

from my perspective on XUID:

the XUID is what lets you log into live. If the XUID on your profile is different then the one registered on the server then you will not be able to connect.

Also, Black Ops bans your account by your XUID.

I would presume that:

  • Change whether or not it is a dev-kit profile
  • change the status from recovering to normal so you don’t have to recover all the way
  • Change gamertag on offline profile or online profile but won’t be able to connect to xbox live with modded gamertag

Have no idea what XUID, Domain or Kerberos Realm mean.

Xbox User ID. Used for identifying specific users on Xbox LIVE.

i messed up and idk how to delete this comment…fml

You couldn’t log into XBL.

You won’t be able to sign in, and you’d still be banned from Black Ops. (My educated guess)

He wouldn’t sign in, but he probably would be unbanned.

Yeah but what’s the point of being unbanned when you can’t connect to LIVE?

No point at all.