i have paid for 3 months of diamond but for the last 2 weeks I cannot connect to it it will only show offline mode

It was working in online mode though?

Uninstall Horizon and reinstall after downloading it again from this link:

still not working had tried the link and all I get is running in offline mode failed to connect to server had this program over a month and only been able to use online mode for a week I want my money back as I feel this is unreliable and waste of money

This is an issue on your end not ours. Completely disable any antivirus and firewall you have.

done all that about 3 times even deleted my mcfae of comp and still nothing so I want my money back

Ctrl + f = refunds

I have tried everything my end I have not changed any of my settings prior or during my subscription so the problem is your end there for going by your terms and conditions( HorizonMB will use reasonable efforts to keep the Subscription Service operational. However, certain technical difficulties may, from time to time, result in temporary service interruptions. HorizonMB reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, functions of any of the Subscription Service or the Subscription Service in its entirety with or without notice. If HorizonMB permanently discontinues the Subscription Service or this Subscription Agreement (other than in the case of a termination of your account for cause), HorizonMB will provide a pro-rata refund to you of the unused portion of any pre-paid Subscription Fee (as defined below). You agree that HorizonMB shall not be otherwise liable to you or to any third party any of the direct or indirect consequences of any modification, suspension, discontinuance of or interruption to the Subscription Service.) I am entitled to my money back as I am not getting the service I have paid for. you are quite happy to take peoples money but when help is needed then nothing I have noticed other people having same problem and I have even tried the advice you gave them and still nothing all I want is my diamond back then issue done and im happy I just want what I have paid for

Like Chris said “This is an issue on your end not ours.”
I’ve been using Horizon (online) all day. This is not the end of the world. I’m sure one of the Horizon Pro’s can help you!

that’s all I want mate I just want to get it sorted if it does turn out to be my end the I will apologise but I have tried all I can think of

We really can’t do anything to help your issue considering it is a problem on your end. The only thing I could think of doing at this time is messaging Cheater and asking for a refund.