Achievement modding on Windows 10?

Hey everyone.

Is there a way we can mod achievements on Windows 10 PC for games downloaded from Microsoft store??

I need to mod the game Altos adventure and I used cheat engine but cant find the address or function for changing in game days.

Does anyone have exp regarding this game or modding achievements on Win 10

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I haven’t heard of achievement modding for the windows store, if there is such thing, it will be hard to find. The closest thing I can think of is S.A.M (Steam Achievement Manager). Just try your luck at getting the achievements via the help of the cheat engine you already have.

Even if it is possible I wouldn’t as the achievements are through xbox live which means you would be asking for a ban or gamerscore reset, or both


You can’t be banned on PC maybe gs reset if you don’t do it properly. Anyway there is currently no Achievement manger for Windows 10 or Xbox One. @hamer0406 if you want to mod exp try this it might help it is for the android version but it might (if you’re lucky) it might work on the Windows 10 version too game save for Windows 10 are found in %appdata%


Once in the WGS folder these are two more folders before your actual save file hope your clear.
Also with Cheat Engine why didn’t you just try to mod the exp or simply…

turn off auto time and manually skip time forward to simulate time then move it back again. Anyway here are you solution hope one works for you.

EDIT: I did not know the game was free to play no protection on it so very easy to mod with CE and I will try time skipping later on

As you can see just modded the coins in less than a minute for game play

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In game days happen every 7 1/2 minutes so wait roughly half an hour (4 days) in game time while using CE to add each day until you have 1-3 values mod accordingly but allow adequate time to pass before popping another achievement or you’ll be flagged and can have gamer score reset.

The android version also doesn’t modify the in game time.

The game is very easy to hack using CE. Even I was able to manipulate the coins and llamas. Also using dissect structure I could see the time of my run, but changing the time did not result in changing of in game days or moving of sun / moon.

One interesting thing I noticed was that the save data is stored under C:\Users<>\AppData\Local\Packages\20200 LooksLikeLemonade.AltosAdventure_yqc0j44vp3h64\SystemAppData\wgs but changing the day doesn’t change the day in game or the xbox app.

There is also a container file that seems to be encrypted, is there a way I can find the data in it or throught CE find the encryption key and format?

Edit: removed space in save data location.

Thanks for the info.

Is there some kind of modified xbox services dll that can be injected into running process to pop the achievements?

You are better off doing a quick search through google or sites like mpgh or something. Personally, I don’t know if there is since I haven’t touched an Xbox in like 6 years.

I gave you the formula for changing days I can’t do it right now as it would look wired on my profile.
1 day = 7 minutes 30 second
every time you get to a new day type in the value (which I guess you should know since you’ve used CE before)
by 30 minutes you should have enough to mod to whatever day you need.

I will definitely try this.