App Horizon

Achievement Unlocker Bug

I added a few new games to my profile hoping to get a few thousand more gamerscore. However, whenever I open the Achievement Unlocker tab, my Horizon crashes completely. I thought that redownloading my account, but no luck. There also isn’t a place to remove games, so I can’t reset anything. I don’t know how to fix the crash in problem. It’s only for the Achievement Unlocker tab. As someone who renews Diamond constantly, I’m a bit disappointed.


One thing you can try is a reinstall of Horizon which should reset any app specific elements that you customized like your added games and such. Then try adding just one game at a time and see if that bypasses your original issue.

I’m guessing that you added too many games at once and when the feature is accessed, it just kills the app.

Horizon hasn’t seen an update in over 5 years and likely won’t see any future updates or hotfixes.

Let me know if the reinstall and adding one game at a time does anything :slight_smile:

I have taken you up on your suggestion and tried reinstalling the app a few times. I have had no luck stopping the issue.

Hmmm… try deleting the Horizon folder [C:\Program Files (x86)\Daring Development\Horizon] after uninstalling with control panel if it still exists.

Let me know if this changes anything :smiley:

Also no luck. I think the problem is that at first I tried to resolve the problem by plugging the USB into my Xbox and redownloading my account. If that’s the case, then I’m out of luck, aren’t I?

Not sure what else to really try. Are you seeing the newly added games in your Xbox games library on your 360? If you haven’t already, sign out then sign back into Horizon:

Unfortunately, I’m out of ideas after this :man_shrugging:

EDIT: Second thought, have you tried doing it in safe mode using the button in the bottom right?