Achievement Unlocker Step by Step

Can anyone tell me how to properly and carefully unlock achievements step by step using the Horizon Achievement Unlocker? Thank you.

I’m looking to unlock an achievement offline.

Well you open the desired Xbox profile. You choose the game, then, you choose whichever of the listen achievements, then you choose the tab that is titled the name of the achievement, then you choose either “Unlock Offline” or “Unlock Online.” If you select the latter, you can adjust the time to add legitimacy to the award.

Extract your gamer profile.
Open it up in the achievement unlocker.
Find desired game and achievement.
Unlock offline.
Save, rehash, redesign.
Inject // replace new modded gamer profile, with the old gamer profile.

Wait 10 - 20 minutes. Sign in on xbox and sync with the XBL servers. Remember to launch up “Fifa 15” if that’s the game you’re going to mod. So the last game you’ve played before you went offline was Fifa 15.

Looks stupid if you last played Call of Duty Black Ops and sign in 5 minutes later with 200G more in Fifa 15… If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask.