Achievements don't unlock on RGH

Pretty unusual on my main profile I no longer get achievements for certain games. I was just reding res5 campaign and Halo Reach and both games don’t give me achievements.

Would this be an issue with the game or my profile? The game is in xex format and the profile is just a profile, and I can’t recover it because I only have the RGH console.

The profile has been reset for gs modding, but I’m completely offline and you are still able to unlock achievements after being reset.

I think if you have been reset you can’t unlock the achievements you had before, that’s what i heard at least.

If it’s been reset you can’t unlock achievements for games you’ve already played.
Only new games you’ve played after the reset occurred.

Oh no way, I thought I could unlock them but once I connect to live they sync and relock. Is there no way to unlock them? What actually changes in the profile to stop them from unlocked?

There’s no way you can unlock them. Permanently synced on the profile.
Create a new profile.

That is really unfortunate. Seems you have been reset. Try to only unlock online achievements online

I was reset many moons ago my dude, I’m not bothered at that. I just though I could unlock them again, and not being connected to live they won’t re-reset.

I believe even when your not online something is stored on you account so you cant unlock the same achievements again if you have been reset before.

New achievement would work i believe. But if your only offline on your RGH. Why dont you just make a new account. Unlock everything that you had before. Then you shouldnt have any problems with anything.