Achievements not getting synchronized

It worked fine till today. Now the newly modded achievements are only showing on my Xbox, but not on Xbox app or website.

I used it to mod an achievement for a GFWL game. Could this be the cause of my problem?

It can take a day or two for everything to sync. If they don’t sync the best thing to do is delete the profile and recover it.

Thanks for the reply. It always synced immediately till today. And I tried recovering my account several times but didn’t work out. Guess I have to wait then?

By the way, since I deleted the account from my Xbox 360, the local achievements are gone as well. Now when I play a Game Pass game on my PC, achievements are not unlocking either when they definitely should.

Hi bro!, I have the same problem today, you could solve it?


Deleted my local profile and recovered from Live. Everything then worked again.