Achievements that unlock at the same time

I’ve been modding some online achievements recently and I’m unsure what milliseconds I should put for achievements that unlock one after the other, such as single player campaigns achievements where if you beat it on the highest difficulty, you will unlock the achievements for completing the campaign on all of the lower difficulties at the same time.

So my question is, when multiple achievements unlock at once, is the time stamp the exact same for all achievements or is there a slight delay between when each achievement pops on screen?

For all intents and purposes, when multiple achievements are popped at once, they should share the same timestamp. You as a user will only see the date and time down to the minute the achievement was unlocked. There was a greasemonkey script floating around the old Xbox forums that enabled you to see the exact timestamp on the achievements site, but I think that stopped working some years ago with a site redesign.

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Yeah I’ve tried using the greasemonkey script and I believe that it stopped working when Xbox updated their website a few years back. So just to be clear, achievements such as:

A Monument to All Your Sins
Complete each Campaign Mission on Legendary - alone.

Gods Must Be Strong
Complete the Campaign on Legendary difficulty.

Folks Need Heroes…
Complete the Campaign on Heroic difficulty.

The Soldier We Needed You To Be
Complete the Campaign on Normal difficulty.

Should all have the exact same timestamp, down to the exact same milliseconds? My account is linked to trueachievements, so I want the achievement time stamps to be completely correct

I’m not sure that they’ll all show as being unlocked at the same millisecond since there is the achievement pop delay between each successive achievement, but they will definitely show as unlocked at the same minute.