Action Taimanin Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Super damage not working

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since the last update only the super damage thing isnt working


just tested the game and unlimited hp and sp works(i dont use unlimited shields since idk what it does for ur characters)and only super dmg doesnt work-i would also appreciate it if you guys can also make super damage work on Emily Simmons thx wemod team and keep up the good work!

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Super damage doesn’t work… Please fix.

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Super Damage not working :frowning:

Trainer doesn’t work after the update (steam ver 2.5.26)


New update just happened, maybe good time to fix trainer, (no new updates are gonna happen for a while, presumably). In any case, thanks in advance!


Update for the game is in queue (13 last I checked) so good news there!

The Action Taimanin cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Everything works fine except Super Damage with Emily


Guys, does super damage work with Asuka for you or no? I think it doesn’t work. Yukikaze and Asagi works fine.

Is it possible to added edit gold and exp multiplier?

I’ve notice that it doesn’t work for her normal attacks, however it works for one of her skill-based attacks. It’s strange because it used to work fully.


My Account in Arena became strange.
Each time the opponent is randomly matched to someone using the default ID. They have similar Rank(58) to me, but using 3 Taimanins with UR weapon, skins, but 10 levels lower than mine, so it’s always easy for my team to crash them.
And every time I win 5 matches in a row, the players I get matched with are the top 100 players. So I lost the games with no doubt, and once again get matched to those default ID players. This kind of cycle of 5 consecutive wins followed by 1 loss also happens when I login on other device or even when playing on my iPhone using Account transfer too.
I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem as I am. GLHF

Friends, I figured out why Asuka super damage didn’t work sometimes. Unequip Taimanin Art: Wind God (apparently it makes her a ranged character, without it she’s considered melee) and super damage starts working again. Just did that, and super damage started working with Asuka.

I think that’s how they wanted to make that system work

The game has been updated, super damage no longer activates.

haha i got 1 month ban

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Press F to pay respect

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what did you get banned for?