Activision Claims Destiny ‘Most Successful New Video Game Franchise Launch ever"

hmm this is interesting for Activision to say… but you hav to understand “NEW” they throw that in not to bash COD lol

They’re trying to avoid hurtin’ some feelings.

This game should have never been made. The first mission is the same as the next 20 missions then you’ve finished the game. Lol what a joke.

You seem to be the only person I know that hates it…

You should see the reviews on, people are seriously giving negative reputation to this game for the dumbest of things.
Granted, majority of the reviews seems to be from trolls or people that don’t seem to know anything about the game, but it’s still sad to see that people will waste their time giving a review for a game in which they haven’t even played; thus being a good reason to not always go off reviews and experience something (ex: Movie, game, show, etc.) for yourself.

As for GitGud, everything eventually becomes repetitive so I don’t understand why it’s such a huge deal that Destiny repeats a few missions here or there. (ex: Start at location “A”, travel to location “B”, insert Ghost for specific information, guard Ghost from swarm of enemies, return information to location “C”.) I haven’t played the game myself, excluding the Beta, but I do know that the beginning could seem a bit repetitive since everything that one does is exactly what we were allowed to do/complete in the Beta. After experiencing the Moon I’m unsure if things change and so someone who has played would have to clear that up, but I’m sure the game isn’t the same from beginning to end.

*Even though this has been brought up multiple times throughout this site, when I look at this game I see a lot of aspects from Borderlands and a few from Mass Effect/Halo. So, one should look at this game and than proceed to judge the games in which it was based off of prior to downing it. (ex: If you aren’t liking the repetitive missions than look back at Borderlands and ask yourself if the missions were repetitive.)