Add "FREE FOR GAMEPASS" in the home area

We do not currently support that game on Windows Store (including their Game Pass subscription). Likely because not enough WeMod members currently own the game from the Windows Store at this moment in time.

that’s not what I’m asking… I’m asking if you guys can put underneath the Most popular tab a FREE FOR GAMES PASS tab that has all the games on gamepass that have mods. you get what im saying now?

Not really seeing the point of splitting windows store from that category and having two “free games we support” sections just to save you two seconds clicking the “See all” button when all platforms can be bundled under that one section. It’s a lot of work to save just two seconds.

Clutter, especially repetitive clutter, isn’t a good look. But we’ll see what the devs think. :slight_smile:

yall did it yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. im so happy

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