Add "Play" button in mobile app

Likely asked before but a quick search didn’t show it

I would like to ask that the mobile remote app be given the option to hit “Play”. There are a few games where it’s necessary to use a different launcher to start them.
I.E. To use mods Frostbite games you need to launch them with FrostyModMangager, Or if you want to play Watch Dogs: Legions in DX12 having to launch the game from Uplay ETC.

Well some games do not have borderless full-screen and\or don’t play nice with alt-tab, So being able to trigger Wemod to hook a running game from the app would solve a lot of issues including extra launchers or steam streaming from another computer


Yes please. This will be great. Reason been I have started to play game from Nvidia shield via gamestream.

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