Adding Games Help!

Heya, Im New to Horizon and Have downloaded it recently. Just wondering i have added over 30 Games to my account and i went and saved it all and i plugged my USB into my XBox, all my achievements were unlocked, but all the games i added werent added? How do i get the Games i added? Thanks <3

You can only add the games to unlock their achievements, you can’t actually add the games and play them.

Hi i would just like to take a moment in writing this message to express to you how thankful i am of this program that was created for gamers. Before i knew about infinity i was lost, there werent any good programs out there for me to use to truly express my creativity in video games but then i found infinity, and when i saw the trailer for it i knew that this was it, this was where i could express how i wanted to play games without any limits. Thank you for all the great cheats you have put out in the public i have really enjoyed using them, though there have been a odd number of times where the trainers were buggy. you really listen to your community and after reporting those bugs i soon found that they were fixed. You are not like any company i have ever seen, you really care about your community and you take the time to let gamers tell you what games they want you to add. I always wondered how companies like you can do something like this and not ask for money from the people who use your program, though there is pro membership you do not limit your trainers out to force people to buy a membership and you do not make it overly pricey. There is so much more i can say thank you for, and i hope you really prosper in the future. do not stop working on infinity because in the future this small program could become one of the best trainers in the world, thank you for everything.

Yours truly Ivan Gerber