Adding Games / Manually Adding ALL Games

I’m not sure what happened in the span of a few days, but I went from a smooth and easy installation to now having issues. It seems an update or an issue of sorts now causes all games not stored on C drive to have to be manually added. WeMod went from recognizing all games stored on C and external drives to now only the handful actually on my main C drive. I guess its not so much of a big issue, but a bit cumbersome, to have to find all exes of potential games to play, and manually add them one by one. Wouldn’t it be easy to implement a sort of scan or add directory option, so if by update something odd happens, its an easy-ish fix?

Anyway, does anybody have a fix? I’ve uninstalled / reinstalled the program, played the game vanilla thru Steam it’s self, seeing if WM would find the program or auto add, it does not. And as far as I’m aware there is no block with my anti-virus or anything like that, as just a few days ago everything was working as intended, no issue.

Thanks for any help or feedback!