Adding games to Infinity

Hello. I need all of your help for adding games to Infinity. Can you all send a answer? Thanks.

What do you mean adding games to infinity ? Does infinity not detect your installed games ?

No. I have them in D:\

Are they games that are supported by Horizon?

What do you mean for the Horizon? I don’t have that Horiozon.

Just a typo he meant Infinity. Are there tools for them in Infinity already?

No Chris.

I need to add Rambo The Video Game trainer at all costs. NOW!

And how would that work?

I don’t know what are you talking about sNaKe

Are you trolling or just stupid?

I mean I have no idea how to add game to Infinity

Well, you can’t just add a trainer. Someone will need to write the code and such. If you want it, create the trainer yourself or make a request here asking the devs to create one.

The trainer is not made yet, however i will add it to my to-do list and make one in a day or two then it will show for you in infinity…

Quite surprised anyone wants a trainer for this game, its a half-assed game based on the great movies of the past.

Okay then

You mean Rambo 1, 2 and 3

@iamthemachineofwar I did one better and made a trainer for the baker team dlc! :smiley:

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can you guys maby add HERO SIEGE too infinity

You should make an suggestion topic on this, with all the options you want to have in the trainer.

ok i will se if i can find somthing