Adding games

how safe is the adding game function? i want to add all the wallace and gromit games over a few days but i don’t want to get banned. seeing they are all offline achievements i can unlock them all offline what are the chances of getting caught?
as they have been delisted but obviously they can still be played if you got them before the delisting but will MS notice this fact also?

You should be fine if you don’t go overboard and add them all quickly. Add a few everyday and time stamp them apart by a few hours and you’ll be fine. I wouldn’t worry about your second concern either, plenty of us have old games that were removed that we still play and earn achievements on from time to time.

what about unlocking them using the unlock offline option. i don’t really care about timestamps, thats what i normally do when i unlock stuff

You’re right, I don’t do much achievement modding these days so I forgot about that. You should be fine, but remember, and you already know this, there’s always a chance you might get noticed. Good luck.