Adding more customization options

I think there should be more customization options in the WeMod app for non-pro members & pro members. Like maybe more themes for the WeMod app, For pro-members there should be live themes, like a galaxy theme for an example, and for non-pro members there should be basic themes like Green, Orange, Blue, Purple, ETC, Instead of just one theme for non-pro members and not like some basic themes for pro-members. I think this would be a great idea to add to give WeMod users a better experience.

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Sounds like it might be fun. :slight_smile:

It’s possible many WeMod members don’t think about what WeMod looks like because they can’t see it while playing a game. Unless they have two monitors with the game on one and WeMod on the other.

But it could still be fun. I like having an organised desktop and a Windows colour theme that matches my desktop wallpaper, so I’d use the more customisations feature. Personally I’d like more green-themed backgrounds (my favourite colour).

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