Addition to NBA 2k15 tool

Hey guys,

Just dropping in to suggest/ask if a VC editor will ever be added to the 2k15 tool. I guess a lot of people get the tool thinking that’s what it does. I assume you can’t because of the financial aspect of VC (buying from Live’s marketplace) but the 360 is a dying system and 2k is a broken game… Not to mention how unbalanced the VC purchasing system is.

Figured I’d formally write up a request as well…

[b]Tool's Name or Add On:[/b] NBA 2K15 tool, add on for VC balance editing

[b]Description (Explain as thoroughly as possible):[/b] Edit's profile's VC balance and allow users the freedom to play the game as it is developed without the requirement of purchasing more in-game currency. 

[b]Why It Should be in Horizon and How it Relates to Modifying the Xbox 360:[/b] 2K sports has exploited gamer's enjoyment of unlocking characters/skill points and has handicapped those who do not wish to purchase the ability to access additional features, when the game itself is already a significant investment. VC is already available to be "farmed" via the loading saves method, therefore should allow Horizon (ethically) to develop a process that bypasses the time investment to acquire this fictional currency. 

[b]Is it in any other programs? If so, which one(s)?[/b] Outside of previous NBA 2K versions, I do not believe so.

Hope to hear from you all! Thanks.