Adds making all games stutter when they play

Every game I use this on stutters when the adds play, please fix this problem.

sounds more like your computer issue than a wemod issue.

With over 750 hours in 1 game without any problems but in the last 30 hours of play the game stutters and FPS drops to 10 from a solid 60 when adds start up.
Its only the last 4-5 days this has happen and the only thing that is running is this mod.
All 4 core jump to 100% when the adds first start up.

Games I play without using this mod work just fine without any stuttering at all.

ADD: I turned off WeMod and got the mod from nexus that I only use wemod for and have no more stuttering at all, turn on wemod and take out nexus mod and as soon as the adds start playing my game stutters all over the place.

So yes it is WeMod that has the problem.

I’ve been using WeMod in a couple other games on and off for a while (Marvel Spider Man PC), but in Elden Ring it causes stuttering which causes the game to crash to desktop. Turning off WeMod / starting it without it, the game plays fine. Suggestions welcome.

Computer is pretty decent (12th gen I7 / 32Gb DDR5 / 3080 and haven’t had any other issues)

Im experiencing the same issue. Every game I play with Wemod running makes most of my games stutter.

If I Exit Wemod the stutter stops. Even reducing cpu affinity and Lowreing priority doesn’t fix the issue. only closing the program Stops the stutter. Its been doing this since the Latest updates. Older versions did not cause this issue.

i have the same issue with rdr2