Ads removal

hello, when I access Wemod for using some cheats, I saw I could see an Ad in the bottom right corner, and I would like to see it removed without being able to buy the Pro version, bc there is already a button for “upgrade to pro”

thanks for hearing what I have to say

Ads are how we afford to keep WeMod free for everyone. You will need to go to Pro if you don’t want to see the ads.

but it wasn’t there before, and they could have it in a better location on the app?
I don’t use the app in full-screen mode, just half-mode

This is with the app’s smallest size, and the ads don’t interfere with anything. Where else would you suggest we put them?

For me how I use, it does interfere. how I was using it.
it would be nice to have it beside the left side of the “save mods” button
all the mods were expanded the whole screen, it got ruined now

That does not work as many trainers have info there. Can you explain how it interferes?

I have always seen the Red box in the previous picture as I have seen before the ad box come up.
so it fully expands the whole app with the text.
the Ad is it is kinda distracting for me when it is always blinking
if it is possible, they could make an “x” button to make it disappear. like you can do with the infobox too

You will need to go Pro if you don’t want to see it.

Sorry, I don’t have the economy to do that, is there no other way? than go pro. I don’t like the monthly payment solutions. I would consider a one-time payment buy

One time payments are not sustainable so that is not something we will be offering. You can subscribe to an annual subscription and cancel immediately if you don’t want it to auto renew.

okay. thanks anyway

How about having it on the “explore” screen and not on the “my games” page when someone uses the cheats or any other page than the cheat page (my games)

That would mean less exposure and therefore less income for WeMod.

The ads exist so that WeMod can cover the costs of development, which is in no way cheap, especially not in today’s economy.

As a community & marketing manager for a game development company, it’s my professional opinion that the advert is in just the right place for the right amount of exposure, without sacrificing the UI/UX or being intrusive. They could have forced you to watch the advert every time you wanted to turn a cheat on, if they wanted to, but they don’t (and yes even I think that would be a step too far). :slight_smile:

The options are:

  1. See the ads to help WeMod pay the bills.
  2. Buy a Pro subscription to help WeMod pay the bills.