Advanced Arsenal (Day Zero) Code Giveaway

Hopefully this is both in the right section and not against the rules.

I bought the game digitally on the 360 which means I got it on the One as well. As such, I got my Day Zero stuff when I started up my game on my Xbox One. When I finally got sent the code for the 360 version, I already had the gold exo suit and friends for a while. Therefore I have no need for my code, and I figured I’d give it away. Just go to THIS website, enter the email address you’d like the code sent to, and complete the captcha. The giveaway ends at 12:00 AM CST (GMT -6:00) on December 8.

  • Code is for Xbox 360
  • Must enter a valid email address to which you have access.

Why not just use Austin’s contest engine?
Way easier to set up and no need to enter an email address.

Thanks for the giveaway nevertheless.

I was looking for that earlier but couldn’t find it. Regardless, I posted this on another website and this way the giveaway is independent of any one website.

Such a thoughtful Giveaway!
would enter, but I don’t plan on getting Advanced Warfare on X360

Thanks for the Giveaway!
Best of luck to all who enter!

Great giveaway, not going to join I have already redeemed mine. :thumbsup:

Congratulations to brcakba! The contest is now over.