Advanced Warfare Zombies

Hey guys i was wondering if anyone could help me…

I got the season pass for the game so i got the maps and zombies…

Downloaded it just now

Tried to start up zombies and this message appeared

“A downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out”

Anyone know what to do?

Thanks in advance


Hmm I would try clearing the cache, I really don’t know if it is possible on the Xnox One, but I imagine it is. If that doesn’t work try deleting the downloaded content and reinstall it.

I’m on the 360 bud.

Is there a way on ps4 to buy just the dlc so i dont have to buy the season pass?

Okay that makes it even easier, just go to the dashboard, go over to storage, and clear the cache. If it doesn’t work after doing so, you can also try deleting your profile and redownloading it.

Ok i deleted the cache and trying again, il download profile again if this doesnt work, il keep you updated :smiley:

Okay sounds great, this could be an easy fix or a complex fix, either way I am sure we will sort it out.

Nope it doesn’t work… This is pathetic now… :confused:

What do you expect it is a COD developer. Did you try uninstalling the content and reinstalling it?

I did that twice nick… :confused:

Okay, well you aren’t the only one having this problem.

There is many players having this issue, all I could say is be patient until Sledgehammer Games updates you with information. Follow their Twitter if you have on they should put some updates out on the issue.

Yeah i saw this… It’s really pathetic tbh… Waiting for so long and then this happens haha…

Well I mean I really don’t expect much from the COD developers anymore since all their games are is repetitive, copied games.

Also here is another link you can read the replies above.

This same thing happened to me… Just go to the Dashboard go over to Active downloads, you will be downloading the content, wait for that to be downloaded… Try again. :smile:

you just enter in a non xboxlive profile then when your in exo zombies press home sign out then sign in on xbox live thats the only way to get around it so far i do it and u can join with other ppl and all it works!