Advertising video in the app causes black screen.

the following problem, since today January 27th. I can start the app normally, I’m in the main window, where I can see all the menus, select my games, change the settings, etc. It all works. But as soon as I select a game where the cheats are all displayed, I get a total desktop-wide black screen. I can get back to my desktop using the Win+D shortcut, but I don’t have to try to open WeMod anymore because the black screen comes back immediately.

I then have to close WeMod again using the keyboard shortcut. The black screen only appears in games where an advertising video starts at the bottom right of the app. I updated my graphics driver a few minutes ago, restarted the PC, no change. Maybe it’s due to a codec error, but I’m less familiar with that.

Can someone please help me with this problem? Thanks