After a while hotkeys stop working

I’m recently using a lot of Infinity, cause i’m replaying a bunch of games. Darksiders WE, Dead Rising 2 and now Dying Light. All cheats for these games are working, as well the hotkeys that I set to it. But after a while, when I try to use it, I don’t get any audio feedback. ALT+TAB to check the trainer and all cheats are still activated, but the hotkeys are not changing the conditions, besides that I can still toggle it with the mouse. In game, all cheats are still working. Its just like the trainer stop checking for keyboard inputs.
Restarting Infinity while the game still active seems that fix the issue, but I prefer not to continue to play this way, since some bad code might remain in the memory, as the game might glitch when alt tabing. All Infinity labeled executables are also set to “allowed” at the firewall.

Yes I have the same problem with GTA V trainer. After a while, hotkeys stop working. I tried to run in Administrator mode but it doesn’t help.

And I though that I again, I was the only one with unique issues. I’m still trying to figure out why it happens, cause it’s so random. Game paused for a while (taking a lunch), but other times happened after short pauses. After minimizing a game that was set to fullscreen, or windowed, but other times didn’t got the issue. Currently I’m testing the hotkeys choices, cause I was removing all default hotkeys with DEL, since some uses common hotkeys from the game, and then setting it up with a combo key of CTRL with numpad and navigation keys (insert, pgdown, etc). So now I changed to ALT with these keys, and till now I didn’t got the issue. But still testing.

How long would you say it normally takes for hotkeys to stop working? Have you found a way to reliably reproduce the issue when minimizing the window? I’ll check this out as soon as I get a bit more info :slight_smile: Thanks for the report.

As Shaidon said, this is very random. Sometime after 1 hour, sometime after 5 minutes.

However, it seems to happen when doing alt+tab to enable/disable options.

Running under Win10 64bits.
Playing with X360 controller.

So, I just want to update this after testing with different games, that while using ALT instead of CTRL for the combo keys, the problem didn’t happened again.