After E3 2015 - What are you looking forward too?

E3 2015 was amazing! It has given us much to look forward too. I wasn’t able to attend this year but from what I saw on the screen, some games and new features certainly looked nice!

My most anticipated titles are as follows…

• Mass Effect: Andromeda

• Halo 5

• Tom Clancy’s: The Devision

• Fallout 4 (I would like to see more demos first though)

• Star Wars: Battlefront (again, I need more info. I saw things a little differently in my head from the demo we saw)

• Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

• Gears of War 4 (I think I want to leave the series where it is though. 1,2, and 3 were great and I’m happy to leave them there.)

I think that covers all my main interests. What are you looking forward too?

Fallout 4, Mirror’s Edge, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Tom Clancy’s the Division, the new Doom, Dark Souls III, and a few others. I’m not sure I can handle all these games coming out in the next year or two especially due to this years and last year’s lackluster releases.

“The Taken King”

Nuff said.

Backwards compatibility, Would love to be able to play my old fallout games on XB1, Mad Max, Fallout 4, Rare 30 for 30 pack and last but not least the new Elite Xbox One controller. All I know is scuf is gonna be so damn butt hurt lol.

Forza 6 for me


will it be a PS4 Exclusive?

ya but this is a game that needed its return with all these remasters

i hope it becomes available on the PC at least

ya it will come to others systems but Sony has all rights first so ya it will be on X1 and PC but later

Definitely fallout 4.

Dark Souls 3 :smiley:

Ohhhh my god Final Fantasy 7. I **** bricks when it popped up. I saw the buildings, and I was like “No… this can’t be”… as soon as I saw the gun, I tossed my controller across the house in excitement. We have been waiting for this!

I didn’t see the whole conference, but Fallout 4 seems awesome. Rock Band is something I have really been wanting back, but can’t justify $300.00 to buy it in Canada… A lot of the games surprised me, such as Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six… They looked really REALLY beautiful, but I never have gotten into them. Maybe I will now.

For me, even though I wanted the series to end, it was Gears 4. I love the series, and its my favorite game.
But I’m also hype for Fallout 4, (even though I still haven’t beat the Halo 4 campaign!), Dark Souls 3, and when they show it BLACK OPS 3.

I also liked all of the Star Wars trailers, so I might look into buying one of those games. Doom looked good, iffy about the Mirror’s Edge. But backwards compatibility is mainly my concern. Just looking to play CoD:W@W with my boys like the good ol’ days. And praying that they add cross-console party chat so I don’t have to be alone on my 360 while my friends are on their Xbox One’s :anguished:.

im hyped for dark souls 3 and fallout 4

Fallout 4
Halo 5
Star Wars Battlefront

The Taken King: I would be more pumped but Bungie is putting exclusive content in their “new” edition. SMFH.

Forza: Not sure if I’ll buy it straight away, but this might be my first Forza game.

Fallout 4, looks like i’ll be putting hundreds of hours into another fallout game. Also extremely excited about Star Wars Battlefront and Uncharted 4. I’m also looking forward to more titles being added to the backwards compatibility list.

  • Halo: 5 Guardians
    – Hey, I may not agree with the path 343i has gone down with the Halo series multiplayer wise, but the Halo series is what got be to purchase a Xbox 360 and so it will probably be the game that gets me to purchase a Xbox One! Plus, with all of the short, vague clips between Master Chief and Locke, I must know how the story plays out and who is telling the truth!
  • Gears 4
    – Gears of War has been a favorite of mine since Gears of War: 2 and seeing where the Gears series is currently doesn’t make me happy as a fan. So, unless Black Tusk Studios can do worse than Gears of War: Judgement I’m excited for more information!
  • Need for Speed
    – I’ve always been a huge fan of the series and haven’t played any racing games since NFS: Most Wanted (2012) so it’d be nice to get back in to the swing of things; especially with it looking as if they’ve motioned back to the NFS: Underground ways of their series!
  • Destiny: The Taken King
    – Prior to Destiny releasing it looked as if it was going to be a 10/10 game that got me hooked because of its amazing story, gameplay, multiplayer, etc. but, upon release, the game was very disappointing and deserved the 06/10 rating it got from critics. Now, after seeing the newly released gameplay and all, I wouldn’t be able to understand how you couldn’t be excited for these new expansions because it’s going to make Destiny that much better and move it closer to the review score it should have gotten from the beginning!
  • LEGO: Marvel’s Avengers
    – Yes, they may not be marketed for those of a mature age or involve the most difficult content, but they are very entertaining games that do make you laugh all while telling a story!

Did anyone else get a message on Xbox recently about the GoW4 beta?

  1. Xbox One to Windows 10 game streaming (so I no longer would need to switch inputs and can just use my PC as the main screen)
  2. Fallout 4
  3. Hololens
  4. DICE’s Battlefront
  5. No Man’s Sky
  6. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst
  7. Mass Effect: Andromeda (I’m wary though with Bioware after DA2 and ME3)
  8. Halo 5: Guardians (also wary with 343 after H4 and the MCC)