After I launch Infinity and go in game, after a few minutes Infinity stops

I’m on Windows 10 64 Bit, I can launch Infinity and I can even enable some cheats. But after a few minutes in game it says “Infinity has stopped working”. I’ve tried running it in compatibility mode and ran it as administrator too… no luck. I hope someone can help me :smiley: thanks in advance

It crashes on every game I have.

Have you tried disabling your antivirus?

Yes I have, I’m using avast and I disabled it

Which game does this happen in ? which ones have you tried

I have tried it on, darksouls III, Mirrors edge catalyst, middle earth shadow of mordor and no mans sky.

Those trainers shouldn’t have any issues. I am going to blame avast, it has recently been picking up files in infinity for no reason. Make sure you add the infinity folder to its exception list, simply disabling it won’t help as these AVs are known to still stay active.

@frank might have some ideas as its not a trainer issue.

Something on your PC is preventing Infinity to launch properly.

Sometimes just disabling any AV software doesn’t help much, so completely turn OFF and uninstall any Antivirus, as well as firewall, or better yet, create an exception for the entire INFINITY folder.

Make sure Windows DEFENDER real-time protection is also disabled. I would also make sure .NET Framework, and VC++ redistributable packages are properly installed/updated, and configured on your system.

Use any REG cleaner tool, if need be. Make sure there are no missing/corrupt registry entries.

Try to re-download and reinstall the INFINITY tool from scratch. Do a CLEAN reinstall of the INFINITY tool. If using Windows 10 OS, kindly disable automatic updates.

FORMAT your copy of Windows, if possible. Do you have this file on your system:
C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Daring Development\Infinity\Storage\Infinity.sdf

I just uninstalled it. I’m going to restart and report back.

Yes i do have the .sdf file

I’ve uninstalled avast and restarted my computer. But infinity still stops. It only stops working when I run the game, if I’m not playing any games it doesn’t close.

For me its the same problem with dying light. After a few minutes Infinity just closes itself. Windows 10 64bit.