After so many errors...I need a 6th

This would be for the Vault of Glass, and after many connection related problems we lost our 6th person completely, so I need a new one.

Someone who is familiar with being teleported and killing oracles during the final boss.
You have to be level 27 or up, high DPS weapons, and a titan would be best.

You will also have to join my group so we all get the clan Raider achievement, I do not care if you leave it right after the raid.

So send me a message with your GT, and then I’ll message you over LIVE.


Finished it in 8 minutes, lol.

Congrats, what loot did you get?

Chatterwhite (which everyone gets) and a legendary scout rifle that does solar.

Nice, the primary weapons with elemental damage will probably be so useful in upcoming nightfall strikes.

I’ll be holding onto this scout rifle, but I already got an exotic scout rifle (with a high impact, fast reload, fast fire rate) earlier today, lol.

I still have yet to complete the Vault of Glass, attempted it with a few randoms, but they were all low so I didn’t expect much, but I’m currently trying to achieve Lvl. 26, but am not having any luck with gear; found a few pieces of gear with a little bit better defense, but the light level is lacking.

Also, I spend majority of my time cave grinding for special coins since I couldn’t find anyone for the Weekly at Lvl. 26 and I missed the rocket launcher by one Special Coin.

I guess I used all my luck up during the week. (ex: Would need a better piece of gear and would get it after a few Strike missions.)

Are you in a faction?

Quick question, if I joined in your game, got to a checkpoint then I backed out. When I start the game myself will be at that check point or back to the start?

no, you will be restarted, the chekpoint is for the host, not yours.


If you joined at the last boss, and then I took everyone back to orbit (I always like to run out and at least let everyone die once), then you would be at the same exact point.
I just need to grab the checkpoint from a friend of mine (the one who had to leave due to connection issues).

Bungie said that it would only apply to the fire team leader, but that is false.

Can you invite me to the final boss?

Sure, but would have to happen after I can grab the checkpoint back from my friend.

No problem. If you can message me on xbox that’d be cool. o IHorney89 o

Me and my ftiends can complete the raid in 45 min now or less haha I will see if I can invite some of you next time to complete it.

It’s well worth playing the Raid the whole way through, considering you can get raid armor pieces and ascendant materials from chests and completing objectives.

Nope. I decided to stay with the default Factions, level them up to a decent level (probably Lvl. 3 since that’s the level needed to purchase gear), and than join a Faction later on. I figured there was no rush in joining one, especially since the game is roughly two weeks old.

Why do you ask though?

I would love an invite from the start.

I can’t. I’m level 26 and I don’t have many friends who can help. Only four friends. And I’m going to assume well struggle on the last boss anyway.

Because you said you had trouble getting gear. Join a faction, get to rank 2 and buy legendary gear. That’s how I’ve ranked up easily.

Well, since one has to be wearing the Factions gear to increase the rank, can one purchase every piece of Faction gear and just swap them out from time to time or do the Faction ranks reset when you change Faction? (ex: I purchase the gear for FWC, where it/level the Faction rank up a few inches, purchase the New Monarchy gear, level it up a few inches, than go back to the FWC, etc.)

You need to wear a mark for Titan to rank them up. Not sure what it is for the other two.

But yes, if you rank all up to rank two I’m sure you can mix and match with each factions gear