Against the Storm Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The Against the Storm cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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When using the ‘Unlimited Storage Resources’ feature,
Workshops cannot be moved to the storage indefinitely, either.
Can the contents be applied only in the storage?

just turn it off when you need items at camps that need to be moved to storage.

Issue on Steam with the no corruption. Mod wont turn on and work. Not sure if its due to games newest update

the new update is causing it.


Unlimited Storage Resources affect all storage in all buildings, it would be better if you can separate the code to that it only affects the main storage building than all gathering camps, or only effect all other camps besides woodcutter camps since those are needed to progress through the games progress mechanics. Resources all go to main storage anyway.

Unlimited Resources charges affect trees where the player needs to get through the trees in order to progress. It would be better if it would affect all other resources than trees. Although if you are able to update unlimited storage resources, then unlimited charges become redundant.

I know a simple way is to just turn off the cheat in order to bypass this, but at that point, the player needs to keep track the cheats at this point to turn it on and off.

Another option would be having charges separate and the player can turn which chargers to be unlimited.

SIMPLIFIED CHINESE translation submit by wemod. PLEASE CHECK.

How to get Unlimited range for workers and hearts to work?

Yea, my OCD is going nuts without unlimited range, and moving them around is a tad bit annoying. Hope I can figure out how to make it work soon.

Needs an update, new patch today!

Update please Worker Range not working anymore. ty