Against the Storm Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Are you running it as “saved mods”? turn it off and turn it back on, and turn on all the cheats you need. I noticed at a Prestige 6 I am crashing now with Unlimited Resources turning it on and off.

@GreenHouse FYI

edit: for some odd reason Unlimited Resources decided to crash the game when turning it on and off on any difficulty.

Yeah that’s where I am at. I’ve found that if I want to use it I have to save and quit the game then launch it and turn it on or off. Not ideal but it works for the moment at least.

Dont know what changed(game wise) but it was working fine the past few days and today it just suddenly stopped.

Curious, did it started happening when you obtained Foxes?

No I had foxes for a day or so bit before it stopped working.

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FYI, actually hold off on a trainer update till tomorrow. A scheduled update for the game is happening tomorrow.

edit: btw, is there anything you can do with stoping the world time from passing?

kinda weird, it’s been stable for me since this afternoon…

Anyone test with today’s patch yet? Thinking about giving it a shot to see what’s broken.

Having played a bit today it seems like a majority of them still work. The unlimited resources one doesn’t seem to crash anymore, but it also still doesn’t seem to work when trading.

Gonna test it today. Going to do a fresh game.

Trading still works for me without any resources being depleted. Except on trading missions it puts the item numbers negative instead of counting it towards completing the mission.

So I figured something out with the unlimited resources to prevent it from crashing and see if it helps you with your trading. Have it on when you load up your gameplay for a bit with it on, then turn it off and immediately quit and save. If it does crash during the menu, start the game back up and have unlimited resources back on, and load up your game. You should b e able to turn it on and off without it crashing and see if the trading still deducts items.

Unlimited Resource Charges does not work for coal being mined.

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The Against the Storm cheats have been updated!


  • Set Storage Items to x9000 cheat added

The Against the Storm cheats have been updated!


  • Set Storage Items to 9K cheat added
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Storage to 9k already seems not to be working (darn, it was yesterday). No Hearth Corruption is also not functioning anymore. =( No hostility appears as active but has no effect. Queen Impatience and both Construction cheats are still effective.

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The Game have been updated,at now it‘s EA0.521R 2023/6/12 @GreenHouse update PLZ THX

The Against the Storm cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Any chance you’ll add a “freeze influence” option? Some achievements require long gameplay times which can be difficult to keep influence at a static or low rate.

Thanks for this trainer it’s been really helpful!

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Thank you very much, I’ve been waiting for this option to work for a long time. :+1:
Such a question: How to slow down or freeze the growth of reputation? :thinking:

@GreenHouse Forgot to report, latest trainer fix for 6/16/23, works on GoG version 0.53.4r(65602)


Launched the WeMod option via Steam!

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