Aimbot for halo reach download works please

anybody got a aimbot that works the ones i downloaded before did not work.

That would require posting an xex. Which isn’t allowed.

oh ok so i would need a jtag to do?

ok then never mind thank you

aim bots are for cod fagg0ts

The “aimbots” you downloaded before were probably viruses so I would delete them and scan your computer immediately.

There is no aimbot for reach without a modified xbox called the Jtag.

Randoms still asking for aimbots for other games than cod.

Usually if you ever want to see an aimbot, get on MW2 or CoD4.
Get in a lobby, and get CoHost.
Other than that, don’t worry about aimbots.

there is not halo reach aimbot you need a jtag if there was!

I’m sorry but this would be modding going to far! This would completley destroy online play for reach and seen as it’s my most played game thus far i’m completley against aimbots.
I hope your xbox gets RRoD so you can’t even attempt to try and get a aimbot working for this game. I hope your pc gets F***ed from those previous so called aimbot downloads which i can guarentee they are viruses. Reason why those previous downloads don’t work is because people who managed to program/develop a aimbot for this game have not made it public because even they have some sense and know it would destroy the game. I hate people like you that want to destroy good games. i loved
MW2 untill it got hacked the F*** out of.

You or some people might ask why i’m against this on a site like this, well i never knew this community is heading or is into this type of mods such as aimbots. I thought it was purley mods for offline purposes or mods for online which do not affect online play such as giving you a distinctive advantage over other players. so mods which are purley for fun purposes, some one correct me if im wrong please.

Also just to note i’m not against the credit editor for Reach, as it does not give you a distinct advantage over other players, so online mods like these are ok other mods/hacks that give you that advantage are a no go for me and hopfully everyone else in this community.

I’m gonna give you some slack, and not put you in my sig.

ok thanks guys i was just wondering because i heard so much about it. im still new to modding and i use a different account to mod just wanted to try it out

aimbots are for noobs that cant kill anybody

Why are you saying thanks they were completely rude about your question.

Aimbot in Halo reach requires a JTAG, which I assume you don’t have from looking at your previous posts. And the flaming in this thread is ridiculous.