Aircraft Carrier in Creator Mode? | Grand Theft Auto Online

I’m sure you guys have seen the glitch that let’s you see and explore the Aircraft Carrier in GTA Online. Well, I am looking to create a Deathmatch, Capture, ect. on the carrier. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way or could experiment with it and let me know. That would be great! :thumbsup:

Job used for glitch:

Xbox 360/One


Video tutorial for glitch:

Be sure to let me know if this is missing anything!

Thanks in Advance! :smile:

Xbox Link doesn’t work, just checked neither does the PS3/4 link.

That happens, you just have to close the tab then reopen it

Hopefully Rockstar will allow access to these two areas within GTA: Online rather than patching them!
…who doesn’t want to hang out on the yacht and have a giant GTA: Online party?

Thanks for sharing.