Alan Wake 2 Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games

I have serious performance issues with the activated mod unfortunately.
GPU RTX 4090
When activated the fps drops from 90-110 to 40-50, regardless of resolution or details.
Gpu and CPU utilization is very low at 40-50 percent when 4k and dllss quality and details high.
What is really strange is, when I get resolution and details down, the fps stay exactly the same but the gpu utilization get even lower to 20-25%.
Yesterday it got even worse, during some portion of the game (and boss fight) the fps drop up to 15-25 fps and sometimes even crushed.
Can you fix this please?

Which version of the game are you running ?
Last time i played i was on i think 1.05 and had no issues with FPS and wemod…latest version of the game is now 1.12 but ive held off

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The version I`m playing is 1.0.12, which is probably the newest, as far as I know.
It updates automatically over Epic games launcher without me asking.

The behaviour is really weird.
As if it`s capped at a certain fps and even gets down more.
The fps dropes just for running around in the same place significantly too.
Then gets back to its normal fps when standing still again.
I never saw such a behaviour before.



yes Version 1.0.12, with Trainer big Lag, FPS Drops, stuttering.
waiting for Update!


I am using a 3070 evga card, and it’s very smooth for me. I haven’t noticed any issues. I updated to the latest version too.

maybe it’s some graphics option that is causing the stuttering? Or maybe it’s the 40 series cards.

I also don’t update to the newest drivers for NVidia, since they all seem to have bugs.

I’m using 545.84 and haven’t encountered any bugs at all with Alan Wake 2 and/or WeMod at all.

I tried another trainer yesterday with the same mods/cheats and it worked perfectly fine without any unexpected framedrops.
So it should be fixable I think

For All, Fling droped a new Version: