Alan Wake Horizon Questions

Hi everyone,

Just a couple of things I want to ask about the Alan Wake mods on Horizon.

1: I know it allows for all pages to be collected, but lets say you picked 40 of 41 pages, when you start the game would the first page you come across then give you 41 of 41 and pop the required achievements?

2: What other cool mods does the tool allow for in the game.

I’m yet to become a diamond member but this could definitely sway me if the content is worth it.

I’m sure you’ll get the achievement because the game / system believes you’ve collected 40/41 pages and when you get the “last page” even though it’s your first, the achievement will unlock because you “found” them all.

Never used the Alan Walk editor before, but I think you can get unlimited ammo and batteries, etc.

Cheers mate.

Still wary of using the achievement popper, but modding a game save seems much safer.

Yeah I don’t really recommend unlocking achievements, it’s quick and easy, but on the other side… better safe than sorry. Here’s a video of the editor if you want to see.

Starts at 0:25

It looks like the only thing you can actually mod are the collectables, the rest are just weapon kill stats. Still quite handy, but I’m sad now that I can’t have infinite ammo lol.

Thanks again mate.

Here’s the tutorial that was posted when the tool came out!
How To mod Alan Wake