ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS cheat for steam

I download the ALICE: MADNESS RETURNS cheat for steam but it doesn’t work I install relaunch wemod there is only the ORIGIN version not STEAM


You.can search here for games.

If no trainer is available you can request one.


I’m looking for the steam version it’s the original version which is offered in wemod

If only the Origin tab is available within the wemod application. Which would mean you are unable to vote for a steam version to be made.

I would advise changing the topic of this thread to “Trainer Request”
And category to “Support”

This game is not available on Steam.

Electronic Arts and Steam have been locked in disputes for years and, for the most part, EA refused for some time to publish most of their games on Steam (until more recently).

This game did appear in Steam for a while and then it was quite quickly removed again by EA when they decided to remove all their products from Steam as part of this ongoing dispute between them. Since the game is no longer able to be purchased on Steam then there is no option to vote - our system detects Steam games automatically and adds them to WeMod’s library.
We could manually add it to the library, but only if one of the WeMod trainer developers has the Steam version in their library (otherwise we can’t make a trainer without a copy of the game), I will make an enquiry.

EDIT - Steam trainer added by a fellow staff member (below). Feel free to vote. :slight_smile:

I have made this game available to vote on in the WeMod app! If you’d like to see a trainer make sure to vote for it! :slightly_smiling_face: