Alice: Madness Returns Mods V1

GodMode, Noclip, Godzilla Mode, Slow Motion, Fast Motion, Debug Lines, Super Jump, Grav Mods, FoV Mods, Spawn Dark Alice, Debug Info

YouTube - ‪XncsXMods’s Channel‬‏
Mods by XncsX & xAKxModz

Left stick: Hold for Noclip
LT: god mode, enable super jump, debug lines, debug info
right stick: spawn dark alice
dpad left: slow motion
dpad right: fast motion
dpad up: normal speed, normal height, normal FoV
dpad down: godzilla mode
back:FoV mod

Download: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

open your iso in wx360 and replace Coalesced_INT.bin in AliceGame\CookedXenon

on your hard drive replace Coalesced_INT.bin in AliceGame\CookedXenon

Cool :stuck_out_tongue: but i dont think to many play that game :confused:

It works! Very nice thank you

No but if anyone is like me, they mod the games for their siblings. :wink:

god mode only for those that need, binded to back button - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Why do you always mod games with close to the same binding why not try red faction

i already started red faction, look at my threads started or, just havn’t finished them

Once again, you modded an Unreal Engine game. You’re a ****ing genius.

go away troll, red faction, lego pirates, crysis 2 + others of my mods say hi.

the file is not there:’(

It works! Very nice thank you