Alien Isolation save error, help?

When I enter the transit for the first time and the game goes into a loading screen halfway through I get a save error that says failed to access the hard drive cache, returning to main menu. Why is it doing that? It’s consistently in the same place.

Some specs:

Intel Core i7 4770k
Geforce GTX 770
Samsung SSD 240GB

hi there. so i’ve made this acc just to help you out in case you haven’t figured it out yourself. i copy pasted my game folder to another partition with more disk space and it worked. from C (40 gb free) to D (60something gb free). hope this works for you

That did work. Thank you.

Hi psybernetic - So, I’ve mad this account just because this is the only place I can find on the web discussing this issue! the exact same thing has happened to me - I completed the final section of the mission 3 times in a row, only to get the “failed to access the hard drive cache” error each time. Very frustrating. :interrobang:

I don’t think it can be a problem with space on my HDD - I have well over 1TB on each.

Any other ideas fellas??

The only unusual thing I did was replay one section (selected ‘previous save’) at an earlier point in the mission, but I can’t see how that would be an issue.

Any help gratefully received!

I’m having the same issue here, it’s happening right after I get on the Transit after the thing with Axel. I’m gonna do like psybernetic said and move my game folder from my SSD to my HDD and see if that helps, will edit with results.

EDIT: Yeah it actually worked. My SDD had 50gb free and my HDD had around 720gb free so thanks for that man.

OK, so I copied the whole install directory to my 4TB external HDD and it has sorted the problem. No idea why - my internal HDD has bags of room… I will prob try copying back again and seeing if that works. Luckily my earlier in-mission saves came with it, phew. Thanks guys!

I don’t have another hard drive, but the HDD that it is installed on still has 700GB free, so I made a folder on my desktop and moved the game files into it. I no longer get the error message and can continue my game. Just don’t take too long getting onto the transit…

All you have to do is right click the shortcut, go to compatibility tab and check run as administrator. You don’t have to deal with slower loading from a platter hard drive! :smile:

This is the solution.