Alien Isolation Trainer

Would love to see this game get a trainer. Some ideas would be unlimited health, ammo, no reload, completely invisible, unlimited resources, speed increase/decrease

also its a perfect game for this since its completely single player :wink:

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Becoming undetectable and hunting down dat sp00ky alien sounds fun

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I wanted to make a trainer for this but didn’t think anyone would be interested. Added to my list, expect a trainer soon :slight_smile:

PS: Should have grabbed the game in steam winter sales


I would be as i think this will be in next months humble monthly

Thats right, its announced.

I already have it tho, so i will have a spare key.
Checked your steam account @STN You didnt own it.

So you might get the key so we ensure a good trainer :wink:

@aden34 and @sNaKe Trainer was released a few days ago in case you missed it