Alien movie series question(s).... (((Possible Spoilers)))

Just watched the all the Alien movie series this past week, starting from Prometheus to Alien 3.

I have a some questions though don’t add up to me (yet)…

  1. At the end of Prometheus, you see final scene of what future Aliens are to look like, but it doesn’t look anything the Aliens you see on the future of the series… Why? Does a “face-higher” breed with another lifeform or is it simply because it was a prequal made after the original series?

  2. At the end of Alien 3, you meet the owner of Wayland Yutanti corp. who looks exactly like the android “Bishop” from Aliens 2. Was the Andriod designed by Wayland Yutanti Corp. thus meaning some looked liked their creator?

  3. Who or What is Ripley in Alien: Resurrection?! I thought she dies in Alien 3? I get she is obviously some kind is artificial creation but can anyone shed some more in-depth info please?

Thanks for your answers guys!

Prometheus is actually its own project, it started out as a prequel but they later kind of changed directions. That is probably why there is a difference in the alien’s design.

I do not have an answer to number 2.

Ripley did in fact die in the end of Alien 3, but was somehow “recovered?” and rebuilt hence the title “Resurrection”. That is why during one scene of resurrection if you remember she has a knife pierce through her hand and she is all but phased by it, as if it never happened at all. She is potrayed as more of a machine rather than a person, which explains her uninterest through much of the film. Besides that, I would really like to know why she decided to end her life at the end of the 3rd movie. I’m not sure if it had something to do with an alien growing inside her or what.

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