Aliens:Colonial Marines

Title ID: 5345080C

Mods i like to see
Smart gun as a Permanent Weapon
max hp
max armor
max ammo
smart gun fire rate ajustment from 2 rounds for 1 split sec. fire to 1 round to get a full clip out and not a hafe clip

You need to upload at least 2 save files.

i cant find the game save files on the harddrive i may be looking in the rong place but i might be in the right place its just hiden

the game is gpd baced so there is no possabul way to upload game saves unless you count the dllc as a game save if so i will upload them if not please make due with what you can please

You need to upload the GPD then

And how do i do that is it in my profile or what im still new at this and i dont have my it dagree but i do learn fast …on subjects i like

Drag your profile into Horizon, click the contents tab, and then find the 5345080C.gpd. Right click & extract to desktop or wherever. Then upload it to a site like mediafire.