Aliens: Fireteam Elite Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I’ve said it before, but I still don’t get what the Unlimited Shield cheat is even for. The player and bots never have armor/shield meters, only enemies like xenomorph warriors or most synth types have that, while players/bots only get a health meter. The only shield a player ever gets is the Phalanx shield ability, which is just a passive ability that soaks up frontal damage, and is already ‘infinite’ in the sense that you can keep it active as long as you like and your guard is never broken via just blocking normal attacks, so the cheat wouldn’t really have any effect on that.

So, as far as I can tell, Unlimited Shield seems like something that would just make certain enemies invincible and do nothing else.

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The mod doenst work anymore

Unlimted health stops Working in the middle of the Game and unlimited Shield makes Symth enemies invincible


The Unlimited Player options seem to partially work, unlimited health seems to break if you do more than two missions in the same session or on levels with synthetic enemies, unlimited ammo and no reload work perfectly fine. However it does seem to stop allies using ammo boxes.

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This game really needs a one shot kill cheat, especially in higher difficulties


Unlimited health is pretty broken atm. Possible to get an ipdate?


Game is very laggy when I use this trainer. Also an update is needed.

May we please get a update for resources? It immediately turns off and no values change in inventory. Thank you.

After today no longer this 4 cheats are working:

  • unlimited shield
  • unlimited health
  • unlimited stamina
  • instant ability cooldown
    It would be a good time to add one shot kills instead unlimited shield, and repair unlimited health to not working on enemy synts. Buy the way, why do I still received damage from synth when unlimited health is active?
    Oh, and maybe some exp boost?
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The Aliens: Fireteam Elite cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Thank You. I notice that unlimited health can sudennly stop working (i receive damaged) and unlimited shield/health is still workin on enemy Synths.

this has been in since the beginning of the trainer. I don’t think @MrAntiFun can fix it. Maybe something with the game itself.

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DO NOT use any of the ammo cheats as you will have inf ammo but do no damage as I tested this out. no reload means you run out of ammo and can no longer reload your guns at all and thus gimp yourself.

ammo cheats need updating to affect flamethrowers
godmode disappears randomly
shield disappears after using skills
no cheat for infinite consumables [in missions and outside it]
new challenge cards not affected by infinite resources where as normal ones are
placed turrets dont have infinite health but DO have infinite ammo
consumed incendiary/shock mags are not infinite

thats basically all ive found so far.