(ALL 5 TOONS COMPLETE HEAD/SKIN LIST!) Borderlands 2 Ultimate Farming Saves 5.0

when there is a Horizon without a Borderlands 2 mod tool, there is always…

Borderlands 2 Ultimate Farming Saves


to give credit where credit is due:

Original File: Ultra Skin Pack Verion 3.0
Xbox - Ultra - Skin Pack (Version 4.0)(Release)

DarkerLife for complete Head/Skin Collection
Original Thread:
Xbox - All Heads / Skins | For All Characters

V 5.0





All Lv 50 unless noted otherwise

*** - ADDED



Slippery KerBlaster
Severe Shredifier
Razor Hammer Buster (Lv 48 )
Taktikal Madhous!
Deep Verue


Evisceration Thunderball Fists
Unending Infinity
Dastardly Maggie
Loaded Hornet
Baynaneted Gub
***Burning Infinity


Speeedee Badaboom
fwap a Nukem (Lv 49)
Punitory Norfleet
Large Bunny
fidle dee Nukem (Lv 49)
Quik Drawler Badaboom (Lv 48 )
Stocking Bunny
Ruthless Mongol


Restructuring Conference Call
Critical Conference Call
Critical Conference Call (Slag)
Potential Conference Call
Reactive Conference Call
Restructuring Conference Call (Corrosive)
Social Conference Call
Scalable Conference Call (Fire)
Sinewy Flakker
Original Deliverance
Sledge’s Shotgun
***Swiss Deliverance


Bullets Go Fasterifed Slagga
Lucid Hellfire
Liquid Pitchfork
Cutting Slagga
Deft Emperor
Brisk Baby Maker


Venture Longbow
Cohesion Longbow
Barking Volcano
Auditing Invader
Cartel Pitchfork (x2)
Liquid Pitchfork
Razrez White Death
***Gromky White Death
***Skorry White Death (Lv 48 )


The Bee (x2)
Inflammable The Bee
Impaler (x2)
Hide of Terramorphous (x2)
Flame of the Firehawk
The Sham
Inflammable Flame of the Firehawk
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Lv 48 )
Grounded The Bee
The Cradle
***Alkaline The Bee


Blood of Terramorphous
***Vitality Relic (Purple - Max Health 50%)


Lobbed Bonus Package
Homing Caustic Leech
Rolling Thunder
Lobbed Electric Leech
Homing Fire Bee
Sticky Longbow Bonus Package
Homing Electric Leech
Longbow Caustic Leech
Sticky Longbow Fire Leech
Lobbed Breath of Terramorphous (E-Tech)


Legendary Siren Class Mod
Legendary Beserker Class Mod
Legendary Soldier Class Mod
***Legendary Hunter Class Mod
***Legendary Mechromancer Mod



if anyone has anything i am missing that are pretty hard to get, send me a message on Xbox Live (BaconatorAddict) and i will add it and give you credit

thanks again for looking at this thread, i hope you found what you were looking for!

Before anyone asks:

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What happened to all the Terramorphous Class Mods?


You now have all the tools possible to farm those yourself…HE DROPS THEM EVERYTIME, HAVE FUN FARMING, I CAN’T DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why can’t i access all of the inventory slots?


it’s a modded save with more inventory slots…so there is bound to be bugs…just keep spamming the sort by filter option until the yellow arrow at the bottom shows up. You will notice a yellow arrow pointing down at the bottom of your inventory slots letting you know you have more items towards the bottom. From there, you should be able to scroll though all the items :smile:

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How do i use this file?


ok, i know there has been a lot of new people coming here for this save and many others donated by the community. So this should cover all, if not most, of the files donated by the community. Always remember, BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL SAVES AND YOUR MODDED SAVES SO YOU WON’T LOSE ANYTHING IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG!

  1. Download the file (duh :stuck_out_tongue: )
  2. Use a unzip program to extract the files (i use Winrar)
  3. Open Horizon
  4. Hopefully you keep all your Xbox Profiles on a USB Drive, which would make things a lot easier…if not, move the profiles you use to a USB Drive
  5. Create a new profile (can be offline, can be Xbox Live Silver, doesn’t matter) and move that to your USB Drive
  6. Once Horizon opens, if not already, plug in your USB Drive to your computer
  7. Take your saves you just downloaded (.SAV Files) and drag them to the Device Explorer
    8 ) It will as you to select the Profile you want to use for your gamesave. You can do either 2 ways…move it to your Main or your Second (Offline or Silver)…depends on how you want to use the loot.
  8. Choose the profile you want to use and click Use This Profile
  9. It will then say ‘The following packages were successfully transferred to “your thumb drive”’
  10. Repeat with any other saves you want to use
  11. Once done, close Horizon, safely remove your thumb drive from your computer, and play!

make sure when you are prompted to choose which drive you want to load in the game, choose your thumb drive, and then press Y to choose which character to use.

Now, there are 3 different ways you can get this loot to your main toon.

  1. If you have a second controller, make sure your Second Profile has the modded saves. Start a game up on your Main Profile with your main toon and have your Secondary join your Main with one of the modded saves (split-screen). Drop whatever loot you have on your Secondary and…PROFIT!

  2. If you don’t have a second controller, load your modded saves onto your Main Profile and start the game with your modded saves. Whatever loot you want your main toon to have, store it into Claptrap’s Secret Stash. It is only 4 slot, i know :/, but its better than nothing. Save/Quit out, and load your main toon and grab whatever you stored in the Secret Stash. Repeat until finished!

  3. If you have a friend on XBL you can trust, Repeat suggestion 2 up until starting your game under your modded save. Instead join your friends game and drop whatever loot you want your main toon to have on the ground and quit out. Rejoin as your main toon and grab the loot you left! Repeat until finished!

If you are worried about the modded saves losing items during any of the steps…always keep the original modded saves stored somewhere safe on your computer (i have all my saves stored in a folder called BL2 and then separate folders titled what the saves are) it is as easy as deleting the saves on your thumb drive using Horizon, and dragging them back over to your profile again. And remember to ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL MAIN TOONS!

Why don’t you have everything in 1 convenient save like DarkerLife?

I like to have my saves somewhat organized for when people ask for a specific skin and such, all i would have to do is load up the class required and search from there instead of having to go through a HUGE list of class skins i don’t even need at all. Simple as that :smile:

Been looking for one of these forever! Thank you!

Great!! tnx :smiley:

Hell yes this save is epic.

OH! really tnx :smiley:

Hey, just saying so you do not run into any moderator problems, you are not allowed to ask for thanks. I got in trouble for doing the same thing. Great save though and thank you for bringing this into the community :smile:

thanks for the heads up…edited :smile:

so what can you do with this?
I want to stay with my first character, is there anything to level him up faster or to get awesome stuff?
Are those saves even possible for me ? I am level 9
is there any mod tool? so I can look for my self? creating keys or stuff like that

so what can you do with this?

Make a second profile, inject these saves to that profile, play splitscreen and drop the loot :smile:

I want to stay with my first character, is there anything to level him up faster or to get awesome stuff?

Borderlands 2 : Level 50 Exploit - Level 50 in an Hour - YouTube

Are those saves even possible for me ?


is there any mod tool?

currently no

forth one is out btw if you wanna update it

as i am credited in that one :smile: Ill take a look and see what can be updated here. Thanks for the heads up :smile:

3.0 is out now! :smiley:

im sorry?


just aquired the last 3 Vermivorous heads tonight…so i figured this would be a good time to release the new update :wink:

Thanks :smiley:

So how do you open this file? How doni put in Xbox?
We have USB xplorer and horizon but says its invalid stfs package. Plz help…

You have to extract the files from the folder using a program like 7zip or something.

Update - Mecromancer came out today, so look for updates for her pretty soon :smile:

hey, just a quick question, are you going to add “dahl predator” skin for the commando?