All Advanced Warfare Havoc Achievements (Map Pack #1)

With the Advanced Warfare map pack coming to a near on January 27th for Xbox live users I’d thought to share all the achievements.
The following achievements are for Map Pack 1(Havoc)

“I’m Alive”
(Survive until round 10)

(Survive until round 25)

(Upgrade 2 weapons to level 20)

(Have 15000 credits in the bank)

(Acquire the exo suit without spending any money)

“Burgle Burgle Burgle”
(Steal 10 kills from a teammate)

“Game Over, Man!”
(Call in a rescue)

“Come on and…”
(Slam 10 zombies at once)

“PC Load Letter”
(Use the 3D Printer 15 times in a single match.)

"Do you even EXO?
(Exo Melee kill 10 zombies in 30 seconds)

You can also view these achievements when comparing games with someone on Xbox Live!

All/most Seem to be related to EXO Zombies. Sounds good to me.

So you can win…I hope it’s optional so you can go on forever, or end it.

I like the idea of escaping.Unlike extintion I hope it is optional cause in extiction you had a set amount of time to escape.Possibly if you had to rebuild a heli using broken parts and each part would always spawn in differnt locations but on set rounds

I hope the post helped people anyway in what to expect from EXO-Zombies?