All Ascension Glitches, Lunar Lander, 3 weapons, + More!


I dont really see a lot of glitches posted on XboxMB so I thought would post all the Ascension glitches on 1 post, btw most of them will take forever to get patched. ENJOY!


The Lunar Lander Glitch

[details=Click to View]First Off I would like to say, no this glitch CANNOT be patched so do not comment saying you cannot get it to work, you are doing it wrong. The only way that this glitch can be patched is by removing the lunar landers from the map, and they wont be doing that any time soon because it would just ruin the map. If you cannot get it to work please do not complain to me.


Using the lander glitch to get to a high round

[details=Click here to view]If you have any videos on how you use the lunar lander glitch to get to a high round than is different than any bellow, please post a link, I will look at it and add it to the post. Most of these glitches involve a barrier or some sort than you get to and the zombies just keep running at the wall.


Random Spots using the lander glitch

[details=Click here to view]If you like using the lunar lander glitch and like trying to get to different spots then this is the place for you, Also if you want to record yourself doing some and upload it to youtube post a link to it on this thread and I will add it to this section.[/size]


3 weapon glitch

[details=Click here to view]If you are going to post saying this doesnt work, DONT. If it doesnt it is because your host isnt making the game lag. My best advise to making the game lag is to have the host of the game upload a youtube video while doing it. Then just go up to him and start hitting X a lot of times and your weapon will disappear.


**** you Gawley. I can never do the lunar landing glitch and you get it in like 1 second.

LMAO just watch how I do it man, i line up between the 6th and 7th bolt and go prone, then wait till the gates go up and crawl forward and you will go up :thumbsup:

Alright, I’ll have to try it again this weekend.

Guess I need to start playing more BO to find more glitches with you.

BTW unblock me youtube nub.

Im in the video :smiley:

gawley your amazing XD i can clearley see you put heaps of effort into your vids + one sub for you my friend XD