All files you need to get your jtag online with tut

Ask any questions pertaining to how to work the release files! This is for members who need help with getting there jtags online.

XeLive, Xbdm.xex, Launch.ini Files:


  1. Place the folder at the root of your hard drive.
  2. Use my launch.ini and xbdm.xex and put on root of hard drive, not in the XeLive folder.

The launch.ini has all features that need to be enabled/disabled as well as all plugins, and an xbdm.xex that allows memory edit, connected to xbox neighborhood, and will also help with connection.
This will allow connection to live, thus removing DNS errors.

Common Questions

  1. Can’t connect, DNS errors?
    Use the files I have provided, it will remove liveblock, and has all plugins needed to run the files.

  2. Asking to update?
    You may be on 15574, but you may not have the recent updates. If that is the case, follow this tutorial and use these files:
    If you do not have 15574, use Swizzy’s Tool to apply dashlaunch, and update to 15574. This is the safe way of doing it. This should fix that error.

WARNING: Unplug your external hard drive or usb when you update dash. When you update your dash it unformats your enternal HDD. If you do not, you will lose all files on it!!

Swizzy’s Tool Download:
Virus Total:

Flash 360 Download
Virus Total:

  1. Console banned instantly?
    Check that your launch.ini and file locations match. Do not ever run while in XeXMenu or any other homebrew while connected to live. Simple alternative; use Xbox Neighborhood.

  2. Banned quickly?
    That should be expected,and there isn’t much to fix that. If you get a new keyvault, also bring over the config blocks when importing to your nand. To put on a new keyvault, I recommend using 360 Flash Tool.

360 Flash Tool Download:

How To Put On Fresh Keyvault (Text Tutorial):

[details=Open Me]Steps:
1.(Get UnBanned KV)
-Open 360 Flash Tool
-Enter CPU-key of UnBanned Console
-Check off 1BL Option
-Open the UnBanned Console Nand.bin (may be nanddump)
-Click Extract
-Select KeyVault and config blocks
-Save it
(Skip Step 1 if you have a KV_dec.bin file)

2.(Insert UnBanned KV)
-Open 360 Flash Tool
-Enter CPU-key of Banned Console
-Check off 1BL Option
-Open the Banned Console Nand.bin (may be updflash)
-Click Import
-Select KeyVault and Config Blocks, and import it. (You want KV_dec)
-Save it

3.(Flash New KV to Console)
-Put new updflash.bin on flash drive and and flash it using Flash360 or Xell.[/details]

Need MW2 Files?
Super Jump + Unlimited Ammo XeX (Goes in MW2 Folder)
Virus Total:

My Challenge Lobby .dll
Virus Total:

Multi Game Modding Pack
Includes Ascension (with personal patches), Halo One Click Mod, MW2 Gun Game, MW2 Gamertag Editor, and MW3 Title Update 20.
Real Time Gamertag, Halo One Click Mod, and Ascension are computer programs applications! They do not go on your console! You need Xbox SDK (Xbox Neighborhood and my Xbdm.xex) to run them properly.

Any other questions feel free to ask me.

Credit to Dwack
Credit to CO2-Lobbies for the tut

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I wanted to make a thread that will help people with there jtag if you don’t like it **** off.

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Okay so maybe you can get your hands on the files for LIVE poking on Mw3, I want to haz some funz

Cant you jsut use cod tool 2.0 :expressionless: or theres a few programs out there. Google is your friend currantly if kaine gets to it ill be usein XEcod if he can get it to work on my comp (but there will be no release) unless its by his hand.

So I downloaded the links from the top (XeLive, Launch.ini etc) and put them on my root. Then I started to follow the video and clicked on the xbdm.xex (the one you supplied) and my jtag crashed. Now whenever I go to XexMenu my jtag blackscreens. Did I **** it up? Is there a way to fix this? Would appreciate any help :3

Okay so maybe you can get your hands on the files for LIVE poking on Mw3, I want to haz some funz

Does This Work? :confused: Please Don"t Close This Thread :anguished: My Jtagg Was Not Working So I Got It Fixed By A Hardware Expert Now It"s Fine So I Gotta Know The Answer About Jtag + Online < 3

This is now patched and you can no longer get online as of now.

Ok Thankx