All game in program "No supported trainers available”

all game in my list cant use trainer and show "No supported trainers available”

i reinstall infinity already but not work

I have also had this issue with halo wars 1 and 2 , one day I was playing them with infinity mod and the next It doesn’t work. I looked into it , and it seems an update occurred , not enabling the proper tainer mods to work with specific games, as if the tools are out dated. It seems everspace and recore work for me , but not the games I would like to play with this mod app.

Do you have official Steam versions of the games? Are you able to click on the trainers for other versions?

I have steam and windows store downloaded games but niether of the ones I want to play will work. I know you can download the latest trainer , but some how , that doesnt help, I tried to look up a trainer before the infinity update , but no luck.