All games ran fine 12 hours ago (with WeMod) now they all crash as soon as play is clicked

I was using WeMod at 3am this morning, since I’ve gone to bed and woken up WeMod has started to crash all my games when I press play. Anyone know whats going on? (reinstalling games and WeMod no change)


I’d advise running a full deep virus scan with your antivirus. And then download MalwareBytes and do another scan with that too.
Any sudden change in behaviour on your PC should first be treated as a possible infection of some kind, for example from downloading pirated software, visiting dodgy websites, clicking random links in emails, etc.

Also check your machine isn’t overheating suddenly (ie, blocked fans). And that the power cable isn’t damaged or loose.

Sorry for suggesting the issue might be on your end, I’m aware it’s not very nice to hear that suggested, but in all my years in the industry this is the case probably 92% of the time. And we have not had any similar reports from the millions of currently active WeMod members. :slight_smile:

I understand that there is a lot that can go wrong on the user side of things but I am still lost to what I could be doing wrong.
I tried everything you suggested however, even after running all virus checks and looking over all physical aspects most games still crash as soon as ‘Play’ is clicked. The only exception is Plants vs Zombies.
All games are compatible and have worked in the past.

Could we have some examples of games that you’re having issues with and what store you got them from?

And if you haven’t already done so, restart your PC and try again. Tends to work for some things too.

All of my game were purchased on steam.
Far Cry series
Assassin’s Creed series
Skyrim Special Edition
Watch Dogs 1/2
They all run without WeMod.