All Games You Can ISO Mod

Army of Two 40th Day
Bioshock 2
Call of Duty: World at War
Dante’s Inferno
Dead Island
Dead Space 2
Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto: The Ballads of Gay Tony
Gears of War 2
Guitar Hero 3
Guitar Hero 2
left 4 dead 1&2
red dead redemption
Shadows of The Damned
Sniper Ghost
Two Worlds 2

Also if I missed some please tell me I’ll add it to the list.

Elaborate on ISO mod because i am a complete noob to the modding community

MW cant be iso modded anymore…
Neither can the normal GTA4… You have to have the complete edition.

What can you do in MW and MW2? GTA IV ISO mods are stupid and worthless now. They’re only good for campaign. And add Guitar hero 2, you can add custom songs.

Also, try not to use abbreviations. Add links to tutorials if you can.

MW2 ?
I never heard of this…

Modern Warfare can’t be iso modded anymore. Also can you link me to a vid to adding custom songs for Guitar Hero 2. Preferably one that has all the programs in the description.

Never knew you were able to use iso’s with some of these games, thanks for the info.

Add to your list

Army of Two 40th Day
Dante’s Inferno
Red Dead Redemption

When can u iso mw2?

You can’t anymore. When the game just came out you used to be able to. For about 1 week some kids hacked all the servers so you would have unlimited ammo. Pretty cool. And you used to be able to give yourself 10th Prestige Via Transfer Cable. Both only lasted about 1 week prior to release date.

Bioshock 1 - God Mode

Nice thread buddy but it might help if you add a link to the mod as well.

could you find me a link or a how-to on how to iso mod GH3 ?

I need to learn how to do GTA4, only one worth doing an ISO mod for.

GTA IV is simple i mod online everyday it is amazing all u do is download GTA: EFLC (Episodes From Liberty City) This has TBOGT and TLAD on it already and u just get mods for it flying cars never die and to those who think its patched its not if u do it on EFLC

Gears Of War 2 i don’t think can be modded i’ve never seen it modded iso or tutorials or people talking about it i’ve seen transfer cable online mods for it when they existed but not iso.

Nice List.

Gears 2 ISO mods are patched I believe.

May I ask, how do you iso mod red dead redemption and what can you do after modding?

Add TRON to the list:thumbsup:

nice !